The Company

The recipes
With the passing of time, Gino’s two sons grew up, and collaborating with their father, helped to improve the product and market it at a regional level. They didn’t only produce Torcetti, but widened the range, by “enriching” their production with traditional recipes such as LE “PASTE ‘D'MELIA”, I “BRÙT E BUON”, GLI “SPUMINI ALLA NOCCIOLA”, LE “TEGOLE” etc. This helped establish the Pasticceria Massera as one of the best in class cases of the local sweets and cake production.
The ingredients
The main characteristics of Pasticceria Massera are its handcrafted production, the scrupulous exclusion of preservatives and colorants, an inimitable mixture of dosage and blending, and the use of only natural ingredients: flour, butter and sugar; that is, the simple and daily things that are in the art of making cakes and biscuits. Today, Pasticceria Massera has become the success story of local cake and biscuit production.
The old laboratory has been transformed into a modern artisanal company with up-dated equipment in order to satisfy new requirements and distribute its product throughout Italy.

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